Freedom Makeup Haul…:)

Hi guys,

I featured some makeup I picked up from a brand called Freedom Makeup London on my Instagram a few weeks back and now that I’ve had time to play around with it I thought I’d throw together a little something on here for you.

Freedom Makeup London is owned by a company called TAM which is also home to the likes of Makeup Revolution and I Heart LNDN ranges that you would see in Superdrug across the UK (They are slowly bur surely seeping into Ireland now too). I’ve had mixed luck with Makeup Revolution which I spoke about in a past post but was curious to try out Freedom Makeup as it’s USP is a makeup line for professional makeup artists. I ordered a few bits for myself and my kit from their website and they came quite swiftly.

First up…Freedom Makeup Eyebrow Pomade 


I spoke about these briefly on my snapchat (emmasescapades) and on my Instagram (@enjoyably_emma) when I got them but wanted to give them a good road test period before I made any judgements. I am a slave to ABH Dipbrow so I almost felt I was betraying it by trying this! ABH retails for about €20 and this Freedom Makeup one is around €7 and let me tell you gals I was surprised to find they were the SAME. The shades may differ slightly but as far as consistency, application and longevity I see no difference between the two.  If you’re looking for an affordable dupe, this is it!

Next….Freedom Makeup Highlighter 


Of course I couldn’t bypass the highlighters – I can’t remember my life without a healthy glow! This cost around €4 and the texture is smooth and well pigmented. This one is gold based and would be more suited to a sallow/tanned skin tone and is definitely more summer appropriate but they also had a pink based one that I’ll get next time for day to day use.

Next up…Freedom Makeup Pro Far Away Galaxy Lipstick Collection


These shades on first look appear a bit out there (No pun intended I swear!) I’ve wanted to try a few crazy colours but didn’t want to spend loads on the off chance I’d think I looked ridiculous and fire them in a drawer somewhere. I really wanted a blue/black lipstick and the fourth one in in the above snap is exactly that. I also liked the blue one and thought the others would come in handy for themed looks too. As it happens the last three look very similar to some of the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits. The finish on these is metallic and although they need 2/3 applications to build them the colour payoff is good and even better with a liner underneath. Plus, this whole collection (based around Star Wars judging by the names) was around €6 which isn’t a far away galaxy where my purse is concerned!

Here are the swatches:


Lastly….Freedom Makeup Black Arts Pro Pad


THIS! Up there with one of the best beauty purchases I’ve made this year. This palette was a little over €20 for 36 good sized shadow pans and worth every penny. There are both mattes and shimmers, a choice of transition shades and the scope to create anything from a natural look to a smokey look. The texture of these leaves very little fall out and the pigment is amazing in the majority of them and the few that aren’t great can built up quite easily by layering or a drop of Duraline before application. I’ve used this non stop since I got it and it’s up there with more expensive palettes and may even be slightly better. 110% worth an investment if you a palette lover.

Finally here are some makeup looks I’ve created using these products, full lists and more looks are all on Instagram:




Has anyone else got any recommendations from this brand? 🙂



This post is not sponsored, I bought these out of my own money and all opinions are my own.


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