Lipstick Loves…My Favourite Browns

Hello lovelies,

Today I wanted to show you some of my favourite brown shaded lipsticks. When I say lipstick hoarding is my thing…it’s my THING. I would probably spend my last €10 on one over food and unashamedly so – Am I right?!

I’m usually a red devotee but lately I’ve gotten back in the funk of trying everything and anything and brown has been on the top of my list. I was looking for a really deep brown for quite some time and bought all the ones I came across to try on my journey to find the one and they are all budget savvy πŸ˜‰


Behold my budget beauties! Here at the swatches to match the above:


1: Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection in shade 48 – I pretty much collect Rimmel lipsticks because I find them affordable and long lasting and the Kate collection is no different. The texture glides on and gives a sheen. €6.99, Sam McCauleys

2: Flormar Ireland in shade Dark Burgundy – Flormar are making serious headway in recent months especially in my opinion. The texture of this lipstick is quite thick so after I line my lips I put this in the fuller parts and use a lip liner brush to take it to the outline. €7, Selected Pharmacies Nationwide

3: NYX Matte Lipstick in the shade Maison – NYX is one of my favourite brands. I could spend hours mulling over their stands and never get bored of doing so! This is a matte brown and the intensity can be build up by applying an extra layer. This shade compliments a smokey eye particularly well and while its appearance is matte, the formula isn’t drying. €9.75, Sam McCauleys

4: MAC Satin Finish in the shade Film Noir – I have a love/hate relationship with MAC lipsticks. While I find them long lasting, the way some of them fade off is a nightmare. This shade has a thick consistency so much so it’s almost waxy. The colour is absolutely to die for but I recommend moisturising your lips well before applying it as it sticks and accentuates even the smallest bit of dryness. €20, Brown Thomas

5. NYX High Voltage Lipstick in Dirty Talk – You may have noticed from the picture above this is almost a perfect dupe for Film Noir at a fraction of the price! This is another lipstick kind from NYX that gets a thumbs up from me. The consistency is just right. It’s quite fluid and can be built up so once again I would use my lip liner brush for more precision. It’s not as long lasting as other lipsticks for this reason but I always bring my lippies in my handbag for top ups on the go so it isn’t a deal breaker. €7.75, Sam McCauleys

What are your favourite brown shades?

Until next time,

Emma xXx


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