Beauty Brand Loves…Cocoa Brown

Hello lovelies,

So my beauty brand love of the week is Cocoa Brown. Dare I say beauty brand love of my life. I remember when Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan hit the shelves and not just because the mass hysteria I experienced in Penneys trying to get a bottle πŸ˜‰

I did a review of it quite early on and something that struck me right away besides the great quality of an affordable product was the love both Marissa and Cocoa Brown HQ have for both customers and bloggers alike. As the brand has expanded they have managed to keep consistent in with their encouraging and gracious attitudes and that above all else is a big plus in my books.

As I mentioned I am a massive fan of the 1 hour mousse and use it religiously as well as the Tough Stuff which I need to admit I feel like a new woman after using! I also use Chocolate Whip to keep my skin hydrated, prepped and to extend the longevity of my tan. I sincerely do love them all but my absolute favourite from the range to date is the Golden Goddess Oil.

For any of you who aren’t familiar with it it is a shimmering dry oil that is a must have for any beauty buff and has a multitude of uses.


That glow teamed with a coat of Cocoa Brown brings you one step closer to being Jennifer Lopez…..and don’t doubt it for a second! The consistency of this is very fluid but considering the amount of pigment it carries it’s no surprise. The smallest pump of this will go a very long way and it gives a beautiful sheen when used on the legs and up around the collar-bone area. I have been actively using it as a highlighter since it was released and it is up there with one of the best I have used. Here is what it looks like when applied:



To apply it I use my ring finger and tap it along both of my cheekbones and onto my brow bone. For more added intensity I use a stippling brush and use the same brush to apply it to my body to give more even coverage to larger areas especially the legs.Β One applied it stays put until it’s washed off.

It is not hard to see why Joyce Bonelli has become Cocoa Browns newest brand ambassador. She is a woman in the know when it comes to the beauty game and the Kardashians are now bona fide fans of this shimmering wonder too.

Until next time,

Happy Glowing,

Emma xX


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