Skin Care, Nightmare…..

Hi Guyssss 🙂

So I’ve been meaning to write todays post for a long time but I think I may have been in a slight bit of denial and definitely suffering from head-in-the-sand syndrome which after I explain will make a lot more sense 😉

For the last few months some of you will have noticed that my make-up looks and OOTD posts have been few and far between which is down to a problem I have been having with my skin over the last few months. It began with flaking around my eyebrows and a small rash under my eyes. I firstly thought that I hadn’t been giving my skin enough TLC which I’m usually very good with so I began to give it 110% of my attention. E45 and Aquaeous Cream were a few moisturizers I had tried as well as keeping my skin as clean as possible and keeping my hair off it, along with my make-up. When my skin didn’t improve and instead worsened, I knew I had a problem. My skin became scaled, patchy, dry, bumpy, red and sore. Just to give an indication as to how bad it actually was here are a few photos of it at its very worst:

BeFunky_photo 1 (1).jpg BeFunky_photo 2 (1).jpg


A major scare for me having had good skin pretty much always. Initially upon visiting the doctor we thought it may be a food intolerance due to the fact this rash flared up and down or maybe an allergy to some of the cosmetics I was using. 6/7 visits later over the course of the summer and I still have no solid answers yet. What I do know is that it is most definitely a skin condition falling under the Dermatitis category but that in itself holds hosts to a lot of other conditions so pin pointing which one and what’s causing it has proved to be a big task. I’m currently awaiting a patch test from the Dermatology Department at the hospital that will hopefully give me some answers into what could be causing this.

Anybody suffering from Psoriasis, Eczema or indeed any form of Dermatitis I too have been prescribed a fair dose of steroid cream but I use it only when my face is at its worst as it isn’t something I want to batter my skin with. In the last few weeks I have been using some great products recommended by my local chemist from skin care brand Avène, a French company whose products are water based and dedicated to each level of skin sensitivity ranging from sensitive and intolerant to allergic.This cream is on the pricey side compared to others on the market but it has not only made my skin feel better but also look better. I am currently using the Rich Skin Recovery Cream Calming Formula which retails for about €20.00. Here is the description from the Avène website:

widget the products - intolerant skin - rich skin recovery c


”Calming cream specifically designed for naturally sensitive skin (fair, thin, prone to redness), or skin which has become sensitive due to different aggressions (climatic conditions, excessive cleansing, drying cosmetic or dermatological treatments…). It quickly calms irritation, helps restore the hydrolipidic film and provides long-lasting protection. Its formula has been specially developed with a minimum of ingredients, all selected for their gentleness. Paraben preservative, fragrance and colouring agent free. Rich formula.”

 This cream works wonders for me. It does exactly what it says on the tin and after the first few applications of it, I knew I was onto a good thing. Within 10-15 minutes my skin felt soothed and soft and the redness began to tone itself down so I no longer looked like a strawberry. I have been using this religiously and absolutely love it! I prep my skin with this before make-up, and make sure that I use it at night before bed. On bad days and now on my own days off from work I leave off the war paint and apply it a few times a day.

If you want to try it before buying it, I would advise asking the chemist for a sample. After I bought this I was given the samples for two other products which I’m definitely going to be investing in and will review in the next few posts 🙂 I’m happy to say that my skin is showing major improvements so long may it last 🙂

As someone who lives for fashion and beauty, not being able to wear make up has been a kick in the teeth. Having to go to work face naked apart from the rash on my face that needed its own passport was a big low point for me. My daily routine consisted of me literally wondering if Shandon needed someone to ring the bells so anyone with a skin condition on their face, or elsewhere for that matter – I can relate to being stressed to the nines which in turn makes it even worse so I have adopted a different attitude to it and instead of feeling miserable about it when it flares up, I’ve decided to consciously make the effort to realise that although it may be bad on any given day – It WILL improve. Instead of picking up make-up products as much, I’m focusing on skin care so I can in turn pass them on to those of you who have been suffering also and give more options. With regard to make-up, I’ve revised my foundation routine and will be updating my YouTube channel from here on out with videos on how to conceal it when needs be amongst other bits and pieces including general make-up tutorials also 🙂 My family, friends and especially my boyfriend have been my saviours, even on my worst days helping me feel better about it and giving me the confidence to look at it from another angle so keep those people close and put the stares from other people to the back of your mind. I’ve had this and people can sometimes be awkward and not mean to stare but instead stare more but it’s worth remembering that people will stare and judge you whether you have a skin complaint or have the most flawless skin on the planet – you can’t win so don’t let it bother you ❤

Until my next post,

Emma xx


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