Brand Spotlight: Makeup Obsession…:)

Hi dolls,

So last week when one of the lovely ladies at work told me the Boots Christmas Shop had opened in my local Boots she mentioned they had a new counter where you could make up your own palette.

I have a tendency to avoid Boots after buying myself a few payday treats because I’d buy everything if I could, but I HAD to go have a look.

Lone behold – Makeup Obsession. This particular range allows you to fill your own palette and has eyeshadows, blushes, contour, highlight and strobing pans to choose from. The price point is between €2.50 – €4.00.

The palette choices are six or twelve pans and come in a range of colours. I chose the twelve palette in rose gold which was €11.


Here are the the shades I picked:


And the swatches with names starting with the top left:


I tried to pick some transition shades, lid shades, socket shades and some pops of colour. I chose a mix of shimmers, glitters and matte shades too. I had intended to pick all eyeshadows but unknowingly picked up a blush and highlight pan (Blush Bronze & Highlight Bronze) but they work very well as a shadow and I like dual use makeup products because they lighten the load of how much makeup products you need especially when travelling!

Overall, I’m very pleased with it. The pans are very pigmented, buildable and blendable. The mattes are quite chalky but I find this with pretty much every matte shadow so it doesn’t bother me. The shimmers are nice and buttery and apply like silk which I love. And the glitter containing shades are not chunky and apply seamlessly too πŸ™‚

Something else I really liked is that Boots do an engraving service now and you can get your palette engraved with your name or message and I love that idea especially if it’s a present. It’s €4 extra for engraving.

Here are some looks I’ve created using it so far. I’ve also uploaded a video to my Instagram using them (@enjoyably_emma) if you guys want to check it out πŸ™‚






Who else has gotten one? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

Emma xXx

*This is not a sponsored post, I bought all the products with my own money and all opinions are my own.

Beauty Brand Review…Cocoa Brown Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey dolls,

I wanted to do a short and sweet review today on a new product from the Cocoa Brown range – the Kind Shampoo and Conditioner. If you follow me you will already know that I tend to have reactive skin at times but I love the 1 Hour Tan and Golden Goddess Oil and never have an issue with them.Β I met Marissa (the creator of Cocoa Brown) at an event in Penneys a few weeks back and had a chat with her and she recommended I try them given my sensitivity.


The Kind Collection is specially formulated for sensitive scalps/skin, and can be used on coloured hair and extensions (big pro!). They are free from Alcohol, Formaldehyde and Parabens. And while they are fragranced lightly, they smell good enough to eat!

The packaging is the signature girly pink packaging we’ve been swooning over since Cocoa Brown came on scene and that theme has been carried into the Kind Range. The price point is €3 for 200ml which is very affordable and reasonable given its competitors.


I’ve been using these twice a week for the last two weeks and I’m really impressed with them. I had no reaction whatsoever and that is the first box that needs to be ticked for me above anything else. They are so gentle that when I use them in the shower it feels like I’m just using water which slightly worried me until I dried my hair. In my opinion that’s where you see the magic in these – I, like many of you out there I’m sure, have had a bathroom full of half empty shampoos and conditioners that I’ve tried in the past but these are the first that truly make my hair feel so soft. They make my hair look so full and silky that people have been going out of their way to compliment me on it which I’ll take arms open!

Something else I also found with these is that they keep my hair cleaner for longer – I’m definitely somebody who washes their locks and a day later it looks like I’ve been recreationally rolling around in grease but I’m getting a solid three days with this which I love.

If you’re somebody who suffers from scalp issues as a result of allergies etc then I would 100% give these a whirl.

You can get them from pharmacies and Penneys stores nationwide and also online at Cloud 10 Beauty πŸ™‚

Let me know if any of you have tried it and what you thought πŸ™‚

Emma Xx

*This post was not sponsored and all opinions are my own*


Beauty Brand Review…Morphe 35o Palette

Hello beauts,

Today’s post is a review on the Morphe 35o palette. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this since 600 A.D…..a slight exaggeration but it definitely felt that long. Between it being out of stock, restocks selling out in minutes its been a tough one to snag but thankfully the gorgeous humans over at Beauty Bay got the 35o in and I managed to get one πŸ™‚

This particular one is made of transition shades, mattes and shimmers. There’s 35 shades with pretty sizeable pans mostly dominated by warm colours like burnt oranges, golds and browns.


I’ve used this almost everyday since I got it over two weeks ago. On the whole I really like this palette. It’s a front runner for an all-in-one that you can take anywhere with you which I love.

The packaging reflects the price, its the typical black plastic you see on most budget friendly brands with the Morphe logo on the front. While someΒ of the shades aren’t as pigmented as they look and the colour pay off takes a few goes, I found that dipping my brush in some Duraline helped to intensify the shades and they looked perfect. There is a bit of fallout but I usually apply eyeshadow before anything else so it isn’t an issue πŸ™‚

I will certainly reach for this during Autumn/Winter because the colours are well suited to that time of year and the combos are endless for creating anything from simple to dramatic looks. I think they hit the nail on the head with the €23 price point – considering how many products that have been hyped in Instagram land (sometimes overhyped!) and have been priced to match Morphe have kept the price on an even keel with what it has to offer.

If you are looking for an eyeshadow palette that won’t cost you the earth and give you plenty of options then I would 100% invest in this baby!

Here are some looks I created using the 35o – the full product lists, better quality snaps and more looks are over on my Instagram (@enjoyably_emma):





Who else has tried the 35o out? Let me know what you thought of it πŸ™‚

Emma xX
This is not a sponsored post, I purchased the product myself and all thoughts are my own.




Travel Loves…Ireland

Hi dolls,

This year I decided to give the sun holiday thaaang a miss. I’ve been away and am going on more city breaks this year so it doesn’t phase me – when I’m off of work I don’t mind not having any plans, sometimes I prefer it!

I’m Irish for my followers who don’t know and while I’ve seen a good bit of our emerald isle over the years, I’m keen to explore some more because sometimes I think we can take what’s in front of us for granted when we’re so used to it. As a birthday present for my other half I got tickets for Dublin Comic Con and booked to stay in Dunboyne Castle Hotel which is about 20/25 minutes outside Dublin in Co.Meath.

I’ll start off with Dublin Comic Con. BIG props to the guys behind the scenes at DCC in the Dublin Convention Centre this year. I’ve never been to a comic convention before so I didn’t know that to expect but I really enjoyed it. They had a number of different floors taking in everything you could imagine one of these events would have – from sales of comics, to merchandise, to photo op sets, to guests from shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, down to panels and Q&As with some of the industries greatest contributors – They had something for everyone. Obviously my fashion radar never switches off so I spent a lot of time looking at the majority of the crowd who had gone all out and dressed up as their favourite characters and the costumes were insane!


There I am in a superhero sandwich and looking worryingly thrilled to be standing next to Freddie Kruger.

We then made our way up to Dunboyne Castle Hotel. I booked a deluxe room but to be honest I would have stayed in a hut on the grounds and been happy because this place is beautiful! The room, staff and the food in The Ivy restaurant in the hotel I couldn’t recommend highly enough. They also have a Hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and treatments in their on site spa. I particularly enjoyed how tranquil and secluded the hotel was – it was nice to venture away to peace and quiet – I’m definitely someone who needs to step back from civilisation every now and again!




From there we headed for home but made a pitstop at Newbridge Silverware in Kildare. I’ve wanted to go to their Museum of Style Icons for the longest time! They are home to dresses worn from everyone from Marilyn Monroe to suits worn by the Jackson 5. The current collection is focused on Audrey Hepburn so they had ALOT of her outfits from throughout the years, most of which will be auctioned off separately when it finishes off at Newbridge so it was surreal to see it all together.


FullSizeRender (20)



My next plan is to road trip up North to Giants Causeway, the Titanic Experience and everything else that area has to offer. I’ll keep you all posted! If anyone has any recommendations leave them down below πŸ™‚

Emma xX


Freedom Makeup Haul…:)

Hi guys,

I featured some makeup I picked up from a brand called Freedom Makeup London on my Instagram a few weeks back and now that I’ve had time to play around with it I thought I’d throw together a little something on here for you.

Freedom Makeup London is owned by a company called TAM which is also home to the likes of Makeup Revolution and I Heart LNDN ranges that you would see in Superdrug across the UK (They are slowly bur surely seeping into Ireland now too). I’ve had mixed luck with Makeup Revolution which I spoke about in a past post but was curious to try out Freedom Makeup as it’s USP is a makeup line for professional makeup artists.Β I ordered a few bits for myself and my kit from their website and they came quite swiftly.

First up…Freedom Makeup Eyebrow PomadeΒ 


I spoke about these briefly on my snapchat (emmasescapades) and on my Instagram (@enjoyably_emma) when I got them but wanted to give them a good road test period before I made any judgements. I am a slave to ABH Dipbrow so I almost felt I was betraying it by trying this! ABH retails for about €20 and this Freedom Makeup one is around €7 and let me tell you gals I was surprised to find they were the SAME. The shades may differ slightly but as far as consistency, application and longevity I see no difference between the two. Β If you’re looking for an affordable dupe, this is it!

Next….Freedom Makeup HighlighterΒ 


Of course I couldn’t bypass the highlighters – I can’t remember my life without a healthy glow! This cost around €4 and the texture is smooth and well pigmented. This one is gold based and would be more suited to a sallow/tanned skin tone and is definitely more summer appropriate but they also had a pink based one that I’ll get next time for day to day use.

Next up…Freedom Makeup Pro Far Away Galaxy Lipstick Collection


These shades on first look appear a bit out there (No pun intended I swear!) I’ve wanted to try a few crazy colours but didn’t want to spend loads on the off chance I’d think I looked ridiculous and fire them in a drawer somewhere. I really wanted a blue/black lipstick and the fourth one in in the above snap is exactly that. I also liked the blue one and thought the others would come in handy for themed looks too. As it happens the last three look very similar to some of the Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits. The finish on these is metallic and although they need 2/3 applications to build them the colour payoff is good and even better with a liner underneath. Plus, this whole collection (based around Star Wars judging by the names) was around €6 which isn’t a far away galaxy where my purse is concerned!

Here are the swatches:


Lastly….Freedom Makeup Black Arts Pro Pad


THIS!Β Up there with one of the best beauty purchases I’ve made this year. This palette was a little over €20 for 36 good sized shadow pans and worth every penny. There are both mattes and shimmers, a choice of transition shades and the scope to create anything from a natural look to a smokey look.Β The texture of these leaves very little fall out and the pigment is amazing in the majority of them and the few that aren’t great can built up quite easily by layering or a drop of Duraline before application. I’ve used this non stop since I got it and it’s up there with more expensive palettes and may even be slightly better. 110% worth an investment if you a palette lover.

Finally here are some makeup looks I’ve created using these products, full lists and more looks are all on Instagram:




Has anyone else got any recommendations from this brand? πŸ™‚



This post is not sponsored, I bought these out of my own money and all opinions are my own.

Nails on a Budget…:)

Hi dolls,

If you follow me on Instagram (@enjoyably_emma) then you’ll know I LOVE doing my nails. I used to bite them all the time growing up but got sick of either sticking nails on or walking around with stubby looking sausage hands so I broke the habit. Since then nail varnishes have become another element on my shopping list, not that I needed the excuse!

I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the Penney’s beauty range of late – they’ve remained on par with every trend hitting the high street so I decided to give some of their nail potions a whirl. I use their six step nail files too and I also picked up a few of their nail art wheels to add a bit of extra detail, and by detail I mean sparkle because we all need a bit of that in our lives πŸ˜‰


Here are a few looks I created using the nail art andΒ Ps…Matte, Gel and Metals Range


14072760_329156687427564_115245704_nΒ 13397524_1557448214561368_554226145_n

These are all pigmented well needing a max of two coats for full coverage and apply smoothly. To prolong the wear time I apply a gel topcoat to everything except the mattes. The price points on all these goodies go between €1-€3 meaning they’ll certainly sneak into your Penney’s basket!


Have any of you tried them? Let me know your thoughts πŸ™‚




Penneys AW16 Launch….:)

Hey guys,

On Thursday I attended the Penneys AW16 press launch in Dublin. Like just about everybody, I spend most of my shopping life in there so I was excited to get a sneak peek at what’s coming next season. It was my first time at HQ and it was a fabulous set up.


This post is quite heavy but I wanted to squeeze in as much content as possible so I’ve broken it into sections and added a lot of snaps πŸ™‚

First up:


This collection has everything from floral to frills with tailored co-ords and strong statement pieces leading the way. The majority of these are quite versatile and can be taken from day to night quite easily. It features the normal AW shade range: burgundy, emerald greens, dark reds, baby pinks and golds. Leather, animal prints, suedes and metallics feature heavily throughout.

The party wear oozes glamour – The pieces are OTT but for all the right reasons. They have left no stone unturned when it comes to the cuts and finishes and they will be a major player on the high street during the party season.


Floral, velvet, tweeds and embroidered pieces featured in a more soft vintage feel collection. Cropped trousers, denim, longline blazers and cami dresses made up the bulk of it with some trendy co-ords thrown into the mix for good measure.


On the more casual side they’ve incorporated the sports luxe trend and ran with it. Bomber jackets, mesh, and crop tops all feature and they’ve taken the concept of the tracksuit and made it stylish – think Spice Girls meets Clueless.


The shoe/accessory collections were made up of quite simple pieces but in striking styles and details that took the finishes to the next level. Here are some snaps of what you can expect for both day and night.



My personal favourites of all the women’s lines were the following although I really did love everything and am highly considering taking out a mortgage to buy it all!


The homeware section was TO.DIE.FOR. It has been steadily getting better and better but the latest stuff has knocked it out of the park. The little details and finishes on everything have taken them from functional home pieces to proper style decor pieces. There were understated pieces incorporating marble prints, metallics and creams and very exoticΒ pieces bursting with colour that’ll have you feeling like you’re in Morocco rather than Ireland πŸ˜‰ Penneys home are up there with the likes of Next and Zara home lines to name a few but your bang will get you a lot more for your buck.


Last but not least, I HAD to put the kids section in this post. I could not get over the attention to detail in this collection. The boys stuff especially caught my eye – It is extremely trendy and so similar to the mens that’ll be easy to match baby to daddy. The denim jacket with the borg collar being my favourite and possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

The girls line was packed with lots of glitz as you’d expect but also offered very similar pieces to the women’s collection. My favourite was the Supergirl top and denim high top shoes pictured below.


Overall I’m well impressed. Penneys have been going from strength to strength with their collections and this one, in my opinion, is the best one yet. The detailing, cuts, and variety of fabrics through the whole range (women, mens, kids and homeware) is next to none and the quality is on level par with more expensive high street stores. Penneys AW16 – We’re ready for you!


Until next time,

Emma xXx